Kiyo is an artist and writer, who both offers her services for art-commissions, and creates her own publications
combining imagery and words; like her Visual Poetry, Poetic Prose stories, and illustrated poetry book, Dreamscape.
Welcome to Kiyo Art
Freelance, Kiyo offers her services for art-commissions; she is available for original cover art and typographic design
for your eBook, paperback or hardcover novel, and also animated teasers/trailers for that extra bit of promotion.
Art Commissions
Part of the visual poetry collections, this series is influenced by the art found in traditional
Japanese poetry styles, and contains haiku based on the continuous changes in both nature and life.
Haiku Series
You're invited to escape into another world; Dreamscape is filled with original
artwork and poetic words by Kiyo, that blend the thin line between fiction and reality.
Dreamscape - Out Now!
Part of the visual poetry collections, the minimalistic poems in this series aim
to encourage, make you ponder, or show you the beauty in small things and moments.
Micro Poetry Series
A collection of works written in the shapes of micro fiction and short stories,
sparked by the many facets of life, and regularly touched with a hint of fantasy.
Poetic Prose
Part of the visual poetry collections, this series contains words from both sides
of the heart; the multitude of feelings that come over us when we fall... in love.
About Love Series
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