News — COMING SOON: Echoes from Another Time

Hello everyone,

With October just underway, it's time for my first proper news update; namely the upcoming release of my short story Echoes from Another Time!

Written especially for Halloween; the intriguing period of everything dark, supernatural beings, and wandering ghosts, I sat down to craft my own haunting tale while I listened to my favourite eerie soundtracks, my own mind wandering free, and now happily present the blurb to you all for the very first time...

“It all began with the footsteps”

When Ally awakes in the middle of the night to the sound of unexpected footsteps, she thinks her boyfriend has come home from his travels, but instead finds herself still eerily home alone. Quickly, things spin out of control as candles begin to burn out of their own accord, and a haunting, darkling spirit appears — leading her to discover that nothing she believed is what it seems...

— So, When Can I Read This?

Soon, very soon. Echoes from Another Time is a seven chapter short story, counting 4,670 words, and written in the same style as you've come to know from me in my Poetic Prose series. Counting down the days, it will be available in eBook on Halloween itself, October 31st — AND, wait for it, totally for FREE!

Keep an eye on both this blog and my social media channels if you want to covet a copy for yourself, or your supernatural-story-loving friend; because knowing time, it'll be the end of the month again faster than we think, and don't hesitate to get in touch in the comments below to tell me your thoughts, I'd love to find out (:

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Love, Kiyo




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