Kiyo’s Corner — November ’18

Hello and welcome to the November edition of Kiyo's Corner 🙂

As I'm writing this, December has just begun and the Christmas vibes are all rolling in. Every day I see more and more lights appear in windows, and strung across the banisters of balconies, while shops are practically bursting at the seems with baubles and gift-ideas. Personally, I always love the days leading up to Christmas, and can be often caught listening to "bad" songs (example here) to get further into the mood; decorating is also always one of my favourite things to do, and it will come to no surprise to people that know me that my tree is already up, sparkling in red and gold ★

Other things that have been occupying me these past weeks have been working towards my new book-release for Musings from a Wildflower, which will be available worldwide from December 4th, creating new visual poems (for they had been depleted rather a lot 😉 ) and next to that I got a lovely request from Anneke's Get Inspired By Books to write a short story for their December theme "holiday's". I had a lot of fun coming up with a story (plus a little puzzling with the 1500 word limit), and sincerely hope it'll get you into the festive spirit. Here's a little blurb for you below;

A Feast of Starlight

“Once there was a maiden born holding starlight deep inside”

It’s Christmas Eve when a young boy wakes to a shower of falling stars, blazing trails of magic through the sky. Curious, he ventures outside on his own, not aware that his actions will coincide with the small town myth of the Celestial Maiden, and a miraculous story of true love.

It's set for website release on December 7th, so if you'd like to read it, keep your eyes on my social media coming Friday~

Last but not least, let me get back to the core of this November Corner, for every month I enjoy creating an overview of my personal shared literary works (Visual Poetry and Poetic Prose) that I upload on my weekly Literary blog, hoping to leave a touch of inspiration behind for anyone who needs it.

So, scroll down for more (:

Micro Poetry Series

Inspired by philosophy, nature, day-to-day thoughts and emotions, this minimalistic series aims to encourage,
ponder, or show you the beauty in small things and moments. Curious for more? Visit the page.

Haiku Series

Influenced by the art found in traditional Japanese poetry styles, this series contains haiku based on
the continuous changes that happen all around us, in both nature and life. Curious for more? Visit the page.

About Love Series

With words from both sides of the heart, this series collects the sweet beginnings and sad goodbyes, moments of romance, and days of heartache;
the multitude of feelings that come over us when we fall... in love. Curious for more? Visit the page by clicking here.

Chasing Rainbows (a Micro Fiction story)

"Our entwined thoughts sprouted wings"

This month I uploaded a new micro fiction story to the Poetic Prose series, called Chasing Rainbows; a story escaping into a fantastical world of dreams and beauty, painted in colours of the rainbow. Happily I invite you to read it here, and discover more stories at my Poetic Prose page.

With this monthly update and collection I'll leave you behind today, I sincerely hope you'll enjoy it — and, as always, want to drop me a line, leave one in the comments below 🙂

Love, Kiyo


I really, really love your work.

<3 That's lovely to know; thank you, Inge :)

You go girl! <3

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