Update — OUT NOW: Musings from a Wildflower

Hello everyone 🙂

After sharing various teasers, today is finally the day: Musings from a Wildflower; the very first Micro Poetry series collection is available for purchase!

Gathered together it collects a hundred micro poems side by side in full-colour print editions (both hard- and softcover) and also simultaneous eBook editions (visual and poetry only), giving the reader a chance to briefly escape and dream away.


The Micro Poetry Series

Followers of my weekly updated Literary blog, or social media, will know this series rather well as I’ve been sharing it for at least a year-and-a-half, but for reader’s who haven’t been with me for that long, here’s a little more info (:

The Micro Poetry series are minimalistic poems based in origins on the art found in Japanese poetry — the way of saying so much in so little — combined with visuals from all around the globe that can take you places with just one glance. They aim to seamlessly blend words with imagery, the poetry inspired by personal philosophy, nature, daily thoughts and emotions, and have been met with wonderful comments of feeling uplifted, encouraged, or finding a moment to sit back and relax when reading them.

Where to get your copies?

Print editions are sold (once again) through Blurb, and the eBook editions are available in both ePub and Kindle editions; find all the info, pricing details and links below~

Hardcover, € 51,50 — Purchase through Blurb
Softcover, € 41,95 — Purchase through Blurb
eBook (Kindle, visual ed.), € 8,75 — Purchase through Amazon (worldwide)
eBook (Kindle, poetry ed.), € 3,99 — Purchase through Amazon (worldwide)
eBook (ePub, poetry ed.), € 3,99 — Purchase through Smashwords | Kobo

With this, I’ll leave you today; drop me a line in the comments below if you have any questions — have a wonderful rest of your day!

Love, Kiyo


It looks amazing ?!


IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL <3 Every edition looks amazing~

Awh, thanks so much! I’m thrilled you think so! 🙂 xx

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