Kiyo’s Corner — January ’19

Hello and welcome to the January edition of Kiyo's Corner 🙂

Sincerely, I can't hardly believe the first month of 2019 has passed us by already. There were years, many years, I felt like January was the slowest month that ever existed, but these thirty-one days have flown past like a bullet-train! (: Not that I minded, for I've been wrapped up in so many fun things to work on, it was a true pleasure to start each day again and again.


—A Poetic Short Story

So, what has been going on? In the first weeks of the month, I've written a new short story called Fragments of a Fairytale, which I will be sharing with you all in February; it is inspired by the theme "Once Upon a Time" and contains themes and elements of famous (Disney) fairytales, weaving together a love-story of my own making that I truly hope you'll all enjoy <3 To give you all a taster, here's the opening paragraph;

Neverland beckons as she dreams of weightlessness and days forever young. Light as a feather she drifts out of her window in the wake of her sky-high soul, an invisible ribbon anchoring her towards bright stars winking in the indigo deep.

Yet, the higher she levitates, the more she realizes that the ocean has climbed into the sky tonight; silver fish imitate a full-bellied moon and starfish cling to the vaulted ceilings, calling for her to join the lost boys and the games they play.


—New Poetry and the Kiyo Shop

Next item on the agenda was the creation of new visual poetry, for my stashes (of especially Micro Poems) had shrunk considerably, and had me revisiting my notebooks, stock-sites and trusted Photoshop. As mentioned in my long Christmas journal, I also began work on the Kiyo online shop, and I can happily mention that it's growing slowly but steadily, with items like Canvas and Photo prints, Pillows and Greeting Cards to become available featuring my poems and artwork. I'm not one hundred percent certain of the exact launch-date, but if my time-table stays the way it is, I'm hoping it will be late February or early March!


—Black Out; a novel

And last but not least — and this really excites me! — I've kick-started writing the initial pages of my novel, Black Out; a young adult duology which has the shared series title, Children of the Moon. It's set in an dystopian time where nature has gone completely astray when an ancient magic stirs, rendering the world as we know it unrecognisable as light and darkness visibly begin a fight for balance. The stories' main focus lies on a small group of rebels, who still cling to the ideals of life and love, and tentatively dare to believe in a hope for the future, even though survival in the World After naturally brings out both the best, and worst in people...

As also mentioned in last year's journal, I've been gathering many ideas over a long period of time, and had been hoping to start work on it at the beginning of the new year, and have indeed been recently sitting down, typing away happily. Trying to catch the mood of the novel on paper, I went freestyle for its opening, familiarizing myself with the voices of my leads, and if I keep going the way I'm headed, I'll aim to write an official blurb of Black Out to share in the February Corner 😀

So, journeying  to the last element of this Corner, I'll wrap this up with an overview of my personal shared works (Visual Poetry and/or Poetic Prose) that I upload on my weekly Literary blog, hoping to leave a touch of inspiration behind for anyone who needs it — scroll down for more (:

Micro Poetry Series

Inspired by philosophy, nature, day-to-day thoughts and emotions, this minimalistic series aims to encourage,
ponder, or show you the beauty in small things and moments. Curious for more? Visit the page.

Haiku Series

Influenced by the art found in traditional Japanese poetry styles, this series contains haiku based on
the continuous changes that happen all around us, in both nature and life. Curious for more? Visit the page.

About Love Series

With words from both sides of the heart, this series collects the sweet beginnings and sad goodbyes, moments of romance, and days of heartache;
the multitude of feelings that come over us when we fall... in love. Curious for more? Visit the page by clicking here.

With this monthly update and collection I'll leave you behind today, I sincerely hope you'll enjoy it — and, as always, want to drop me a line, leave one in the comments below 🙂

Love, Kiyo

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