Kiyo’s Corner — February ’19


Hello and welcome to the February edition of Kiyo's Corner 🙂

And what a busy month it has been! February always feels "shorter", even though it's only a few days less than other months, but it does — somehow it must be a mind-trick thing. Still, I didn't really have a lot of moments to think too long on it, for these past weeks have been filled with a lot of wonderful writing, working on the (now very soon) to be published Kiyo Shop and even sneaking in some time off to enjoy a sudden surprise of lovely, warm Spring weather!


As mentioned last month, I made a start with working on Black Out, the first book in a duology that has been living in the realms of my mind for years. Piled up, I had a couple of different approaches to how I wanted to open this book, and after trying a few I finally found the one that served the story best, and I'm nearly done with the first two chapters! It's really a great feeling to finally start on this story, as I feel I've known these characters for so long already, it's almost liberating to give them a voice and shape the dark adventures they will travel through. I'm truthfully curious to discover where the story will go, for though I, of course, have a set idea for the plot, and know which elements need to feature, there are always surprises; your characters simply do that to you. For instance, a set of characters I planned to only have feature later on, already made an appearance in the second chapter, and it just felt right instantly. So, I guess it goes without saying, I'm enjoying myself immensely, and hope to tell you more and more about it as the book grows!

Before I forget, I also promised to write and include a blurb of book, and I did 🙂 Find it below;

"One moment, that was all it took to change the world we knew, forever."

It should have been one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments, but when during an solar eclipse a slumbering, ancient power violently erupts from the Earth’s very core, no one is prepared for what happens next.

Crashing into each other’s lives when chaos ensues, Jenna and Graeme meet by chance as nature forcefully reclaims every man-made construction with an ocean of green; the sun, moon and stars are stolen by a perpetual cloud-cover without end; actual entities of light and darkness emerge from the cratered depths of the planet; and many under the age of twenty-five are touched by a strange magic, changing them into Children of the Moon — a new generation able to wield elemental powers…

With fear running rampage as the World Before turns into the World After, Jenna and Graeme quickly learn that not only the planet and her ancient magic are what needs to be feared, for humanity striving for survival is a foe entirely in its own right.

And when sides are being picked, and culprits are being chosen, they find themselves at the very heart of life-altering choices; to become a pawn in an rising army, or to fight against the tide like a true rebel.

— Blurb from Black Out, (c) by Kiyo


—Spring weather

It was almost like magic, but February here in the Netherlands was beautiful! Spring was incredibly early, and filled with warm, sunny days. So lovely, I had to sneak in some mornings off or afternoon walks, just to bask in that sudden so incredibly nice temperature and sunshine. One of those days, I headed to the botanical gardens with my sister and had a lot of fun taking photo's of all the green and colourful flora that had appeared; so, that too, I have included for you to see, below 🙂

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—The Kiyo Shop

Most of my time, especially later in the month, went to working on the Kiyo shop that will be hosted through Zazzle. I'm nearly done creating all the products that I want to kick-off with, gathering a nice balance of merchandise to choose from and, of course, in the months to come, to expand upon! To give an idea, there will be Photo and Canvas Prints, Notebooks, Phone Cases and more, featuring imagery from all my visual poetry series and also illustration/design work from my Poetic Prose works, and Dreamscape. I'm planning on adding all the finishing touches this week, so if all goes as desired, you'll be hearing more about it next week; so stay tuned to my blog and/or social media if your interest is piqued 🙂

So, journeying  to the last element of this Corner, I'll wrap this up with an overview of my personal shared works (Visual Poetry and/or Poetic Prose) that I upload on my weekly Literary blog, hoping to leave a touch of inspiration behind for anyone who needs it — scroll down for more (:

Micro Poetry Series

Inspired by philosophy, nature, day-to-day thoughts and emotions, this minimalistic series aims to encourage,
ponder, or show you the beauty in small things and moments. Curious for more? Visit the page.

Haiku Series

Influenced by the art found in traditional Japanese poetry styles, this series contains haiku based on
the continuous changes that happen all around us, in both nature and life. Curious for more? Visit the page.

About Love Series

With words from both sides of the heart, this series collects the sweet beginnings and sad goodbyes, moments of romance, and days of heartache;
the multitude of feelings that come over us when we fall... in love. Curious for more? Visit the page by clicking here.

Fragments of a Fairytale (a Poetic Short story)

This month I uploaded a new poetic short story to the Poetic Prose series, called Fragments of a Fairytale; a story written based on various elements from famous (Disney) fairytales; will you find them all?

“Her prince so charming, so daring — a love ever hers"

Caught somewhere between the realms of fiction and reality, a young woman finds herself lost in fragmented fairytales, stitched together like the patchwork pieces of a quilt — and, through many obstacles and dangers, in pursuit of a magical romance.

Happily I invite you to read it here, and discover more stories at my Poetic Prose page.

With this monthly update and collection I'll leave you behind today, I sincerely hope you'll enjoy it — and, as always, want to drop me a line, leave one in the comments below 🙂

Love, Kiyo


The blurb of your novel sounds AWESOME, and I’m very excited about the Kiyo shop you’re about to open! Can’t wait 😀

Thanks so much! I’m equally exited about both things, so it’s great to receive a comment like this, so I can ramble about a little more! The shop is scheduled for its official launch next week, so I hope you’ll enjoy a browse soon! 🙂 <3

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