Kiyo’s Corner — April ’19

Hello and welcome to the April edition of Kiyo's Corner 🙂

How have you all been these past thirty days? I sincerely hope well, happy and possibly even creative (:
It's been —as always, it seems— a varied month for me, so, let me dive right in!


—Writing, and how a short story took on a life all of it's own

So, yes. For anyone who follows me quite regularly through Twitter, this will not be a big surprise. Though I was happily working on Black Out (and have the first part of the story pretty much mapped out, and ready to be written down in full!), I often have various concepts for short stories wandering around in my mind, and early April I sat down for a day to write them all down to get an overview. Gathering my thoughts, I followed it up by writing down the opening of a story I thought would wrap up nicely in 3000 words, or so — and could not stop the story for growing from underneath my fingertips! It's currently counting almost 5000 words, and is not even anywhere near any middle... 😐

Still, working on it on and off through the month, and enjoying myself immensely, this not planned side-project started to tie in with many other of those concepts living inside of my mind, and brought me to a wonderful —to me, at least— conclusion... Namely, to start up a series of novella's under the collective title "Between Two Worlds" which will be situated in the same fictional town, feature the reoccurrence of characters in various roles, and will have a fantasy element of some sort for that touch of magic I love to include.

Though I know this sounds all rather cryptic still, I'll be sharing more about this new series, along with its first instalment called Spirit of the Wandering Fox in the months to come, so I hope that you'll stay tuned for more.


—That mystery poetry project

Uh-oh. I know I promised to shed a bigger light on this mystery project —which is actually now going by its official name, the Handwritten series—, but truth be told, I'm not quite ready to show and tell just yet... 🙂

Like I shared last month, I am however really enjoying working on this series, and can reveal that these poems are indeed handwritten by me, but also staged for photography in arty still-lives (that has me skulking through my home for useful objects), and edited for the finishing touch in Photoshop. They are pretty time-consuming to make (at most I finish 3 or 4 a day), and I'd honestly hoped to have had a bit more time this month to work on it, but alas. So, I hope you'll indulge me, and allow me to sit on my secret project for a little while more (:


—Other things that —happily— took hold of my hours

Actually, the weather did for one; as we had some gorgeous spring days that kinda had me play hooky, sit in the sunshine and read, read, read. Which was, for a readaholic like me, not a bad way to pass the time 😉 Next to that, I've also been helping a fellow author with proofreading her manuscript, so that also required some planning to get all done in time, but despite my afternoons off, I managed to scrape by just fine... (Yes, really.)


—And, to end the month with a big smile; I received another Daily Deviation!

*insert happy dance* On Friday the 26th, I was completely taken by surprise to find that The Broken Ones from the Micro Poetry series had been awarded with a Daily Deviation, making me the proud receiver of the award twice in two years time! Sincerely, I could not be happier, as this poem means a lot to me, and I've been loving the comments it has attracted so far, feeling so glad it means a lot to other readers, too <3


—This month's poetry 🙂

Like always, have a look below for a collection of visual poems I've shared online this month for a touch of inspiration; they are are mixed together for this Corner, as I shared a little less poems this month to create some more writing-time (:

With this monthly update and collection I'll leave you behind today, I sincerely hope you'll enjoy it — and, as always, want to drop me a line, leave one in the comments below 🙂

Love, Kiyo


I love your poems very much, they’re always very beautiful. And I also looking forward to your books and novels. Have fun writing them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog, Inge, and leaving behind such a lovely comment! I’m very happy to know that you do, and hope to keep you updated about my books in the future (:

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