Kiyo’s Corner — May ’19


Hello and welcome to the May edition of Kiyo's Corner 🙂

Time flies when you're having fun — at least, so it seems, 'cause I have no other explanation for the fact that the end of the fifth month has passed us by already, and we are heading for the year's halfway mark! So, tell me, how has this past month been for you? For me, as ever, it's been varied, so let me fill you in once more (:


—Spirit of the Wandering Fox

The first weeks of May were filled with writing up to seven chapters (and a prologue) for Spirit of the Wandering Fox, the short-story-turned-novella project I filled you all in about last month. With a tale I thought would wrap up nicely in no more than 3000 words, I'm fast approaching the 10.000, and still have well over two-thirds of the story to tell. The fun thing is, the moment I allowed my mind to wander freely, the ideas literally came pouring out of my hands through my keyboard (and notebooks), the story and all it's many intricate lines weaving together into a slightly dark, magical tale.

Hinting about it in nondescript ways, I thought it only fair to shed a little light on this project today, that took the forefront from Black Out, and write you all a blurb to show you what Spirit of the Wandering Fox —the first in my Between Two Worlds series— is actually about (:


Spirit of the Wandering Fox (blurb)

Suddenly caught in a fierce summer rain, twenty-one year-old Mya is taken by surprise when she stumbles upon a small red-wood shrine she has never seen before on her familiar walk home.

Finding shelter from the downpour beneath its gabled roof, neither does she know that upon discovering the statue of a fox-spirit inside, she will rekindle the embers of a romance that started well over two centuries ago, along with an even older battle between light and darkness, that tore two young men —close as brothers— completely apart.

As past and present collide, Mya’s life becomes entangled with that of the mysterious Kaiden, whose presence attracts age-old magic, deities, demons… and an all-consuming love that swiftly changes everything she’s ever known — thrusting the key to both of their futures into her very own hands.

—(c) by Kiyo


As some of you may notice, there seem to be some light Japanese elements in this blurb (shrines and fox-spirits), and you noticed this right. With the emphasis on light, Spirit of the Wandering Fox features a certain atmosphere that I've come to love in anime, drama and manga — yet, that is all you will find, for the rest will be entirely filled with ideas sprouting from my own imagination. If you've read my stories "Legend of the Wishmaker" and "A Feast of Starlight" you can get a pretty good take on what feel this novella will have, only diving in more deeply on each storyline than I normally do when writing a short (:

For now, this is all I'm able to share on this ongoing project, but I'll keep you updated (probably with sneak-peaks) in the months to come!


—Black Out

Yes, I can hear your wondering; if you're so immersed with this new book all of a sudden, what is going on with Black Out? Well, the answer is: a lot.

Though I have been sitting on the concept for Black Out —or the series' encompassing title, "Children of the Moon"— for a very long time, the moment I sat down a few months back and began writing the first chapters, I quickly discovered this project had so much more underlying layers and potential, I had only scratched the surface. So, as I work on this new book-project, Black Out most certainly simmers steadily on in the background, and I've already started diving deeper, making notes like a crazy person. For now, I will focus on gathering a more comprehensive hold of all my new ideas, but once I have more to tell, I will do so right here; in other words: to be continued.


—The Handwritten series

Last month, I was not yet ready to share more about this mysterious new visual poetry project, but alike with Spirit of the Wandering Fox, I am now, so yes — that is the very first actual teaser you see below (:


Halfway through the month, I freed up time to work on this new series again; writing, staging and photographing away, and can finally share that the Handwritten series will kick-off officially sharing here (and on my social media) starting this July (!), giving me just that last month to grow a big enough collection to share regularly.

... So, tell me, how do you like this first teaser, and are you curious (exited?) to see more of it? I sincerely hope so, for I, myself, have fallen completely and utterly in love with my whole new process 😉


—The Haiku Collection is coming to print (and eBook)!

Twitter followers mostly, will know this, but I've begun work on the book that will hold my entire Haiku Collection thus far; this being haiku that have been shared online, and about twenty to twenty-five that have never been published before 😀 Just like Musings from a Wildflower, it will come in hard- and softcover, as well as a visual and text-only eBook companion, collecting a 100 haiku side by side to browse through on your leisure. Release date for now is set for September, but more details and the official cover and title reveal will follow much sooner, so stay tuned!


—Art Exhibition feature

The last week of May started with a wonderful feature on Monday, when the kind Kellsy made me her first of three featured artists in the 4th volume of her Art Exhibition; sharing some of my work and a few incredibly lovely words about me.


It goes without saying, I was all smiles that day —and am again, writing this— as it is such a pleasure to know people all over the world enjoy my work, and leave my comments like these. It makes something I sincerely enjoy doing, even better (:


—And, to end with a bit of forced down-time

For, no matter how productive I feel, and happy, sometimes your body says "enough now" — which is what my right hand and wrist did at the end of May. Sadly, I have been forced to take things slow because of slight RSI mouse-hand/arm troubles, that I need to take seriously if I do not want to let it spin out of control. So, I've been spending the last days of May, and the beginning ones of June dividing my computer-time in very small portions, trying to keep up with the essentials — and reading, when my wrist began giving that "enough" feeling again. It is getting better, it doesn't feel nearly as painful as it did before, but it will take a while longer before I'm back at full speed, which is a tad frustrating, as I've had to adjust my planning of expected releases a little further along as I wait for my wrist to heal.

One silver lining, though, is the fact that I've had a legal excuse to dive into my "to-read" list, and have been devouring reading some really good novels; something a bookworm like myself never minds at all.


—This month's poetry 🙂

Like always, have a look below for a collection of visual poems I've shared online this month for a touch of inspiration. It's a small selection for this Corner, as I shared a quite a few less poems this month, both for some more writing-time and a social media break to rest my hand (:

With this monthly update and collection I'll leave you behind today, I sincerely hope you'll enjoy it — and, as always, want to drop me a line, leave one in the comments below 🙂

Love, Kiyo


The blurb of “Spirit of the Wandering Fox” really is intriguing! 😀 And I already congratulated you before, BUT congratulations again on that art exhibition feature! You totally deserve it <3

Awh! 🙂 A much belated thank you for your lovely comments and compliments, Lynn! I’m happy to know the blurb sounds intriguing, and I can’t wait to share more about the novella soon!

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