Kiyo’s Corner — June ’19


Hello and welcome to the June edition of Kiyo's Corner 🙂

The month of June was pretty much divided into two types of action for me; one resting my wrist to not aggravate the slight RSI troubles I've been having, and two, helping out my dear friend and fellow book-buddy Lynn Robin with getting her sixth —and last— book in her Phantomworld series ready for publication. So, read on to learn more 😉


—So, that wrist issue...

After taking it easy for the better half of the month, I'm pleased to share that it's beginning to feel much, much better. Doing only the necessities for the past weeks; sharing updates on social media, a few new poems, and working in short intervals, my wrist is starting to feel like it used to, the strain and ache pretty much gone. Another lucky break is that I managed to find a desk-extension that I (with some fatherly help) mounted to my desk, making it so that my arm is now fully supported when I use my mouse; alleviating probably 80 to 90% of the tension caused by unnaturally keeping one's arm aloft all day. It may be small thing, but it's making me insanely happy to be able to get back to work once more — something I've been tentatively doing this first week of July (:


—Return to the Phantomworld

For a few years now I've been involved with fellow author Lynn Robin's Dutch Phantomworld series (Schimmenwereld serie); designing the covers, the book lay-outs and trailers, and with its last novel, Phantomdust (Schimmenstof) nearing its release on July 16th, it was time to prep this great novel for publication! So at the end of June we teamed up (sharing the workload so I would not overload my healing wrist) and we worked on the book-lay-out, its eBook companion, a book-trailer and finalized the final formats for the cover which I designed a few months earlier.

It's a time-consuming process —lots of words, words, words— yet a world of fun to be spending time together and bringing another novel from a digital file to its "real" companion. Its first printed copy found its way to us last week, and I'd highly suggest you to check out her Instagram for sneakpeaks of the new book and its pending release!


—July on the horizon; ready for the summer

With July fresh on the horizon, I'll be actually taking some already scheduled summer vacation this month. Though I wish to catch up on all of the things I already wanted to have dusted and done, I'll be spending the coming weeks doing both that, and some more lounging — though, this time holiday style, which includes (if the weather forecasts are truthful) sunshine and warm, summery days, and probably a bit of a social media siesta, with even more infrequent updates than I have shared in the weeks past. It will also prove as a good precaution against my own "need" to get a move on, and give my wrist that last bit of time to heal.

Still, though I can admit I'm a big fan of relaxing, I'm bound to sneak in some hours of work on my Haiku book (I'm still really keen to reach its September release), some site updates and a lot of writing during my holiday; mainly because I love what I do, and with my wrist on the mend, I just really want to get back to it! But I will not tire you with that for now, and simply wish you all a great summer ahead; wherever you may be spending it, I hope you have a great time, doing things that make you happy! ☀


—This month's poetry

Like always, have a look below for a collection of visual poems I've shared online this month for a touch of inspiration. It's a really small selection for this Corner, as I shared only three poems this month, but I hope you'll enjoy them nevertheless.

With this monthly update and collection I'll leave you behind today — and, as always, want to drop me a line, leave one in the comments below 🙂

Love, Kiyo

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