A Place Familiar

Poem from the Handwritten series.

There’s a whisper
in the trees, that tells me
I’ve been here before —
   Following its soft echo,
   I wander into past days

* * *
The slightest thing can ripple through your mind and awake those memories; some days I ignore them, and on others I happily let it take me by the hand.

* * *
Welcome to this first upload in my new Handwritten series (: As the title easily gives away, these poems have indeed been written by hand, but are also staged, photographed and edited (by me); it’s a new, creative endeavour I’m looking forward to sharing with you, which is incredibly fun to work at! But, do not worry, the presentation may be different, my words have not changed — and I can only hope you will all enjoy these new uploads, too (:

Love, Kiyo


This is so beautiful and creative — I’m already in love with your new series! Keep it up! I’m looking forward to your future uploads! 😀

Awh, thank you very much! It’s so fun to work on, so I’m also very much looking forward to share more of them (: ❤️

Wow, this is really beautiful. I love the poem and the settings. It’s very creative and lovely. ❤️

Thank you so much, Inge! I’m happy to know you already like my new series, and am looking forward to share more soon (:

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL 🙂 Love your creative style – well done 🙂

❤️ Wow, thank you so much! That makes me very happy to read!!

Great! The combination of words and artwork is very effective! I love your work!

Oh, wow — thanks so much for your glowing compliments! I’m very happy to know you like the look of this new series 🙂

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