Silver Moon Truths

Poem from the Handwritten series.

Silver edge shining,
the moon seems to cut and bleed
into the dark night sky —
   Haunted, the cold wind carries
   all the words left unspoken

* * *
Sadly, I think there’s much of this: loneliness — that longing to share our thoughts and words, yet not always being able to do so… for sometimes, it is even hard to admit truths to ourselves.

Love, Kiyo


Absolutely beautiful, both the words and photograph <3

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Lynny~! I’m so happy you think so <3

Again, very beautiful!🌸

Thank you, Inge~! 🙂 <3

Really, really beautiful – I also like the BG image; very stylish! 🙂

Thanks so very much Stone! I’m super-glad you liked both the poem, and the added BG; your comment made me smile 🙂

Beautiful as always!

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