Kiyo’s Corner — July & August ’19

Hello and welcome to a double edition of Kiyo’s Corner, taking you back into the months of July and August 🙂

With both July and August filled to the brim with me catching up on a work-schedule that had taken a bit of a beating due to my RSI-issues, yet also some fine moments of summery relaxation, I quickly decided to wrap these two Corners up as one; mainly as not to bore you all with a bit of a repeat of my life two months in a row 😉  So, assuming I still have your attention right now, let me take you on a stroll through memory lane.


• Amaranthine; a new book releasing soon

It took quite some time before it all became reality, with preparations going as far back as May (!), but during the weeks of July I finally returned to the process of turning my Haiku series of poems into an actual book. With more than half of the page-spreads unfinished, and a cover still to be designed, I dove right in and buckled down for days filled with copying and pasting imagery, checking-checking-and-more-checking for typographic slip-ups, title contemplations, cover designs, assembling the eBooks, and so many more little things — until on the 30th of July I held it in my hands: the first actual print copy of Amaranthine <3

Though I am biased (bound to be as both the author, and artist, I’m afraid), I can’t help but keep wanting to say: it looks so beautiful! The greyscale images are wonderfully subtle in print, the print-work itself crisp and clear, the feel of the paper just right. So, even though it took a bit longer than I expected, I’m really happy (and proud) to be promoting the upcoming release of Amaranthine, which collects all the hundred poems existing in the series (which are, for regular viewers, 25 more than can be found online!)

For those of you who want to know the quick specs; Amaranthine will be available this September 10th (the eBooks are already available for pre-order, find the links here) and more details about the book can be found in the official Coming Soon blog, or its own book-page (:

If you follow me on social media, I’ll be sharing more sneak-peek stills from the book until the release date, AND on the release day itself, it’ll be accompanied by its own booktrailer that I’ve had a lot of fun creating last week; wishing to capture the mood of both my poems and the book in motion, hoping, as ever, that it’ll give you a moment to dream away…

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• Launch of the Handwritten series

Having teased it for almost just as long as Amaranthine, August marked the start of the first shares of my new poetry uploads, called the Handwritten series; which combines photography and words together. Born from the desire for a more personal touch, they are all written with a fountain pen, staged with props, photographed and edited, and combine the sentiments of my previous three series tied together; familiarly touching upon nature, life and love, in both Japanese and free-form styles.

Though the Handwritten series was first intended as a fourth series, this feeling changed for me as I experimented with the possibilities, and after some deliberation I actually liked the idea of a change; a new direction. So, I apologise if this comes as a little bit of a shock: but you are understanding correctly: there will be no more poems released online in the styles known as the Micro Poetry, Haiku and About Love series, though the words themselves will return in my Handwritten series. All poems from my previous series will however stay accessible online, and available in book-form, with Musings from a Wildflower (the first Micro Poetry collection) to be followed up by Lullabies from a Daydreamer in the spring of 2020 — and, of course, Amaranthine releasing next month! 😀

With work on my book getting precedent over photography, the five-line (or tanka) pieces are all that exist captured for the Handwritten series so far, but I’ve already have several haiku and love poems awaiting their photo-shoots, and am actually planning on filling the first days of September with a lot of photography work (: Over the weeks I’ve been collecting many little props, have been found in the kitchen staining book-pages with tea and coffee for that vintage effect, and purchased the most gorgeous collection of Asian gift-wrapping papers that simply beckon me to be used as background drops — so, in other words, I can’t wait to get started!


• A brand-new Homepage

Sometimes you’re just ready for more of something new, and along with the birth of a new poetry series, I also felt it was the right moment to take a look at my site, and redesigned the Home-page in its entirety! (:

Choosing for a handy one-page with a welcoming header image, you can now find all the information about what I do gathered together —my books, poetry, stories and art—, and all you have to do is scroll down, and click on the pages that tickle your fancy. The buttons above still take you to the pages you were already familiar with, from the in-depth preview book-pages, to my blog.

I have to admit, I had a lot of fun tackling this little project, for it somehow makes you look at your work with a fresh pair of eyes, rediscovering the fact that I’ve realised a lot of my plans in the past two-and-a-half years, and am very keen to create many more 😉

Just in case you haven’t clicked in between reading this already, I’ll leave the link to my home-page right here~


• Lazy summer days and other personal happenings

Aside from all that busy stuff, I promise I also took time off — it was, and still is, Summer of course! Being a writer, it will probably not come as a surprise that one of my favourite past-times is to read, and I’ve been lost in some excellent novels; discovering the brilliant Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, Caraval by Stephanie Garber, and re-reading the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (any fans here? — for these ladies have been inspiring me greatly!), while sitting either at home, or at my city’s little oasis of botanical gardens :3

On days when the temperatures were not sweltering, however, I could also be found toting my camera along, for I’ve finally caved, and started to actively share my photography online. I’ve been a keen nature photographer for years, so shots like the ones below are just a taste of what I like to capture for my “frozen memories” (: With photography becoming a more prominent feature in my life with the new poetry series, alike with other changes, I found it the right time to allow myself to share these, and hope you will like them, too (:

Mid August I also celebrated my birthday, which was a lovely low-key day with friends and family; who spoiled me rotten with a wondrous pile of books (surprise, surprise!) that are sitting pretty on my bookshelves, waiting to be read (: Though I know it can be a sensitive topic for some, I actually kinda like birthdays, for they are your own personal New Years Eve, with a whole new year stretching out before you; which for me is already brimming with plans and ideas~


• Plans for the last quarter of 2019

With September looming close, the last quarter of the year is nearly upon us, and I can’t hardly believe we are getting to that stage again already. Still, it will not have any effect on my state of mind, for that grey matter of mine is filled with stories that need to be written down! So, aside for a lot of poetry-photography, I’ll be writing. I’ve got many drafts for new Poetic Prose stories awaiting in notebooks and sticky notes, am tentatively toying with the idea to release another Halloween story like Echoes from Another Time that I released last year, and of course, there’s my novel project, Spirit of the Wandering Fox that I’m very eager to return to; the first in a series of books loosely inspired by Japanese myths. Seriously, I think I’ve got too many things already planned to fit into the remaining year’s months 😉


Reading back all that sits here written above (and also eager to give into that all that creativity again),  I think I’ve taken up quite enough of your time (thank you for reading yourself, if you made it all the way here!), and will wrap up this two-monthly corner with my familiar salute; have any questions, feel like dropping a line? Don’t hesitate, I’d like to hear from you (:

Love, Kiyo


I love your new poems they are very beautiful. Also you new homepage is so beautiful. I lalso love your photographs, your writing….. So you can say, i am a big fan of your works.

Love your new home-page; looks beautiful! Very nice to read what you have been doing lately (& going to do!) and thank you for sharing! 🙂

This was so much fun to read! I think your new homepage is absolutely gorgeous, your new book looks beautiful, and I have totally fallen in love with your new poetry series; it looks so creative, and has an even more personal feel to it <3 Can't wait to see and read what you'll cook up next! 😉

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