About Kiyo

Kiyo is the name of artist and writer Kimberly Jolanda, born in 1986, who was raised and still lives in Leiden, a university city in The Netherlands.

After some enjoyable years working for a local graphic design studio, followed up with her portfolio represented by a London agency, Kim turned freelance as a digital artist, working in photo-manipulation, illustration and motion graphics. Though a storyteller at heart, throughout the years she could always be found writing down bits of poetry and ideas for (short) stories in free moments. As of early 2017 she made the decision to join both her interests under the name Kiyo, to create her own publications like the visual edition of her book, Dreamscape, which combines both her original art and poetic words.

Nicknamed the Dreaming Lady by fellow poets for her delicate and imaginative writing-style, Kiyo has been sharing her work online for several years.
Presently, she updates three visual poetry series online; the Micro Poetry, Haiku and About Love Series. Mostly written in free-form, they are pieces inspired by nature, philosophy, day-to-day thoughts and emotions. The first two are influenced by her love for Japanese poetry, while the latter's main focus lies on the matters of the heart. Next to poetry, she also shares Poetic Prose in the shapes of micro fiction and short stories, the works sparked by the many facets of life, and regularly touched with a hint of fantasy.

When she is not working on her own publications, Kim offers her services for art-commissions, often to create covers and short promotional trailers for fellow writers, like her sister, Dutch indie-author Lynn Robin.

Would you like to commission Kiyo, request a quote, or have any questions about her own projects? Visit her contact page; she'd love to hear from you (:

Awards and Contest Winners

Daily Deviations

Velvet Heights (from the Haiku series)
Counting Stars (featured in Dreamscape, the poetry edition)
Heart Sold (from the About Love series)

Daily Literary Deviations

Siren Song (chosen as that date’s Pick of the Day)
• Fickle Flames and Dreamy Rooms (chapter from a short story in revision for the Poetic Prose series)
Boundless (featured in Dreamscape, both editions)
Shipwrecked (from the Poetic Prose series)
• Letters to a Memory (a short story in revision for the Poetic Prose series)

Contest Winners and Honourable Mentions

Look, She Blossoms — First Prize, Spring Melodies Contest (from the Micro Poetry series)
• The Best of You — First Prize, The Best of You Contest (a micro fiction story in revision for the Poetic Prose series)
Fallen Feather — First Prize, HaikuWriMo Contest
Hanabi — Second Prize, Soma-Nomaoi Contest (featured in Dreamscape, both editions)
Sunlit Summer — Honourable Mention, Seasons Contest