FAQ Freelance Services

• What kind of services do you offer?

Freelance, I create custom-made bookcovers (including both art, and typographic design) for eBook, paperback or hardcover novels, I offer a range of pre-made eBook covers with customizable typography, and can also assist you with animated trailers for that extra bit of promotion.

• What are custom-made covers?

Custom-made covers are bookcovers I create for you from scratch. Using the book-details I receive from you, I source stock (either CC0, or Royalty-free) for imagery that fits your book's feel best, and decide on typographic design in the same fashion. With a custom cover I aim to visualize your book's message to it's best potential, so you can reach the right audience for your book.

• What are pre-made eBook covers?

Sometimes you have a tight budget, but you'd still like to have a cover that feels right. In that case, a pre-made (eBook) cover could be a perfect solution for you. Pre-made covers, are bookcovers I've already created and offer as is. The art/design is finalized, and only the typography (author-name, title and tag-line/quote) will be altered to your books' specifications. When altered, every cover is delivered in your preferred size for Smashwords, KDP, or others.

• Why only pre-made eBook covers? Could they also be used for printable options?

The "why" is mainly because eBook covers are the most asked for in pre-mades. And yes, it is also possible to have them modified to a printable (paperback and/or hardcover) option, but because they have been initially designed in eBook format, these require some work, and are charged with an additional fee based on my hourly rate of € 35,00.

• Do pre-made eBook covers stay for sale indefinitely?

No, they do not. Once a pre-made has been sold, they are taken from the pre-made collection. This way an author has something unique still, even if it's not entirely custom-made.

• What are promotional trailers?

Promotional trailers, or book-trailers, are short animations using video, photo's, and typographic animation as an extension of your book. It's an extra tool of promotion that you can share through YouTube and other social media, aiming to attract more readers/buyers for your book.

• How long does a project take to finish?

The average time-frame is often something between one to six weeks; this depends on things like the scale of the project and the quickness of communication with you, the client.

• What does a project usually cost?

To keep things simple, I use a set price for every type of project; custom-made covers (eBook, paperback or hardcover), pre-mades and promotional trailers. To get an idea of what your project will cost, visit the Info & Pricing page for a full overview.

• What are your payment terms?

Payment terms are 50/50; a signed quote-confirmation and a non-refundable 50% deposit are required before any work begins. The other 50% of balance, including – if necessary – additional revision costs, is due upon approval of the final design; once payment has been received the final file will be delivered to you, the client, via email.

• What is your availability?

This will vary due to my schedule, but never hesitate to get in touch to see how quickly we can get started on your project; I always aim to reply within 2 business days.

FAQ Books

• Have you written any books? And if yes, how many?

At this moment in time I have published Dreamscape, which is available for purchase in two versions; the visual and poetic editions. On the 31st of October '18 my especially for Halloween written ghost story, Echoes from Another Time has been released in eBook for free, and early December of '18, the very first Micro Poetry collection was published, called Musings from a Wildflower.

• In what formats are your books available?

Usually, all my books are available in both hard- and softcover, and in many cases also comes as an eBook.

• Where can I purchase your books?

Through various locations, like Blurb for print and Amazon and Smashwords for eBooks; you'll find all the direct links on the books page (:

FAQ Visual Poetry and Poetic Prose

• Can I share your poems from the Micro Poetry, Haiku and About Love Series online?

Definitely! As long as you don't crop/photoshop clone-stamp/or delete my name and website from my Visual Poems, I’d love it if you did.

• Can I share your covers/stories from your Poetic Prose works online?

The same as with my Visual Poems, if you keep my copyrights intact and link them back to my website, I’d love it if you did. But, please do not copy and paste my stories to share, but use the links I’ve made available online.

• Who creates the (photo) graphics you use for your uploads?

Actually, I do myself (: Having worked as a freelance digital artist for several years, I made the decision to join both my interests under the name Kiyo to create my own publications combing imagery with words early 2017; resulting so far in my Visual Poetry series, Poetic Prose works, and my books Dreamscape and Musings from a Wildflower.

• Are there any prints, and other merchandise, available of your work?

Not at this moment in time, but it is in the works and an online shop will be most likely launched sometime soon this year (2018). Hopefully, I’ll see you there (:

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