FAQ Books

• Have you written any books? And if yes, how many?

At this moment in time, my book Dreamscape is available for purchase in two editions; the visual and poetic editions. The first; an illustrated journey in art and poetry, is a full-colour art book, that has a collection of twenty-six original fantasy images that accompany my poetry.

The second; a poetic journey through life’s encounters, is a black & white book, that features the same rich variety of poetry as the illustrated version, and an additional bonus of twenty not previously included poems.

• In what formats are your books available?

All my books are available in hard- and softcover, and the poetry edition also comes as an eBook.

• Where can I purchase your books?

The print editions of my books can be bought through Blurb and Boekenbestellen, and the eBook through Smashwords, Kobo and Bol.com. Visit my book page for direct links (:

FAQ Visual Poetry and Poetic Prose

• Can I share your poems from the Micro Poetry, Haiku and About Love Series online?

Definitely! As long as you don't crop/photoshop stamp/or delete my name and website from my Visual Poems, I’d love it if you did.

• Can I share your covers/stories from your Poetic Prose works online?

The same as with my Visual Poems, if you keep my covers intact and link them back to my website, I’d love it if you did. My stories can be read on my site, and shared through my blog-links, Medium and Sweek profiles. Please do not copy and paste them to share, but use the links I’ve made available online.

• Who creates the (photo) graphics you use for your uploads?

Actually, I do myself (: Having worked as a freelance digital artist for several years, I made the decision to join both my interests under the name Kiyo to create my own publications combing imagery with words early 2017; resulting so far in my Visual Poetry series, Poetic Prose works, and my book Dreamscape.

• Are there any prints, and other merchandise, available of your work?

Not at this moment in time, but it is in the works and an online shop will be most likely launched sometime soon this year (2018). Hopefully, I’ll see you there (:

FAQ Commissions

• What kind of commission services do you offer?

Freelance, I am available for original cover art and typographic design for your eBook, paperback or hardcover novel, and also animated teasers/trailers for that extra bit of promotion.

• How long does a commissioned project take to finish?

The average time-frame is often something between one to six weeks; this depends on things like the scale of the commissioned project and the quickness of communication with you, the client.

• What does commissioning you for a project cost?

Truthfully, there is never a clear-cut answer for this, as it depends on the scale of the commissioned project; the number of books and the book type (hardcover, softcover or eBook), and/or length of the teaser/trailer. To get an idea of what your project will cost, get in touch to receive a free quote.

• What are your payment terms?

My payment terms are 50/50. A signed contract and a non-refundable 50% deposit are required before any actual design-work begins. The other 50% of balance is due upon approval of the final design(s); once payment has been received the final file(s) will be delivered to you, the client.

• What is your availability?

This will vary due to my schedule, but never hesitate to get in touch to see how quickly we can get started on your project; I always aim to reply within 48 hours.