A Feast of Starlight
a poetic short story by Kiyo

Heavenly Bodies Fall
Christmas eve, some years ago

Blazing trails of magic through the sky, the boy awoke to a shower of falling stars. All across the midnight dome, heavenly bodies fell to earth, shimmering wild in flaming colours and singing an enchanted song… that called to him.

Beckoning him with promises of wonder.

His eyes alight with curiosity, he crept out of his bed and padded across the wintry-cold floor. Even though he was already seven years old, and knew better than what he was about to do, the spellbound boy still snuck out of his room.

Passing his parents’ bedroom, he heard his father snore and mother softly sigh, but neither woke as he descended the stairs and bundled up in the small hallway.

His heart filled with adventure, the boy had no attention for the decorated tree adorning the living room, nor the gathering of presents tucked beneath the evergreen pine — and without a second thought, disappeared into the sleeping night.

A flurry of snow fell down along with the stars, kissing his skin. The street’s bare trees all glinted with gold fairy lights, wrapped around their trunks and branches, yet the boy’s gaze was ever upon the sky.

Suddenly, the largest star he had ever seen made a wide, swooping arch — and dimmed behind the woodlands, where the lake lay slumbering.

Mesmerized, the boy walked on, his way ahead lit by continuous trails of heavenly light. Frosty leaves crackled under his boots, and small creatures called from the shadows while he followed the curving trail. Slightly wary of the unknown, he hesitated for a moment when the bushes rustled at his side — until a warm, soft glow illuminated everything around him.

A glow, spilling from the lake.

The eeriness instantly forgotten, the boy wandered further, leaving the trees’ embrace, the sing-song voices guiding him to the large star that had captivated him…

floating just above the water.

Pebbles crunching, he crouched as near the lake’s rippling edge as he dared, reaching out to the orb of light — to meet someone’s hand instead.

Wide-eyed, the boy’s gaze slipped from the delicate fingers, to embroidered, silk sleeves, until he looked up into the face of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

“Who… are you?” he said in awe, blinking fierce at her skin that seemed to impossibly bloom like starlight from within.

The woman smiled. “Someone who has been waiting for you.”

“For me?” the boy replied, breathless.

“Yes, always for you.”

Confused, the boy shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

“One day you will,” she smiled even prettier, her black hair spilling like a waterfall past her shoulders. “I promise.”

Sooner than the young boy could reply, she touched her hand to his cheek before pressing a kiss to his brow.

“We’ll meet again,” she whispered — and all at once, the world around him faded away.

Total Word Count: ± 1500
Genre(s): Fiction/Fantasy/Romance
Cover/Story: (c) Kiyo (please only share with credit)

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