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News & Updates — Smashwords Read an Ebook SALE!

Hello everyone!

Starting the first Monday of March with a lovely message: the poetry editions of my eBooks of Musings from a Wildflower and Dreamscape are both 50% off until Saturday, March 9th, due to the 10th annual Smashwords Read an Ebook SALE!

So, if you ever wished to purchase either (or both) of my eBooks, here’s a lovely chance to get them priced very sharp! 🙂

Both eBooks are text-only, with Musings from a Wildflower containing the first 100 poems from the ongoing Micro Poetry series, and Dreamscape holding all the poems from the illustrated edition, with an additional bonus of 20 not previously included poems! Both books are filled with words on life, thoughts, dreams and love, just as you are used from my weekly uploads (:


Visit my profile on Smashwords here, or find either book directly by following the links below:

Musings from a Wildflower; the micro poetry series, vol. 01
Dreamscape; a poetic journey through life’s encounters

Wishing you all a great week!

Love, Kiyo

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