News & Updates — Smashwords Read an Ebook SALE!

Hello everyone!

Starting the first Monday of March with a lovely message: the poetry editions of my eBooks of Musings from a Wildflower and Dreamscape are both 50% off until Saturday, March 9th, due to the 10th annual Smashwords Read an Ebook SALE!

So, if you ever wished to purchase either (or both) of my eBooks, here’s a lovely chance to get them priced very sharp! 🙂

Both eBooks are text-only, with Musings from a Wildflower containing the first 100 poems from the ongoing Micro Poetry series, and Dreamscape holding all the poems from the illustrated edition, with an additional bonus of 20 not previously included poems! Both books are filled with words on life, thoughts, dreams and love, just as you are used from my weekly uploads (:


Visit my profile on Smashwords here, or find either book directly by following the links below:

Musings from a Wildflower; the micro poetry series, vol. 01
Dreamscape; a poetic journey through life’s encounters

Wishing you all a great week!

Love, Kiyo

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News & Updates — I Dream of Christmas

Hello everyone ❤

Today its December 25th, and though most of us will be wrapped up in family gatherings or other wonderful festivities, I wanted to take a moment and extend my warmest of thoughts to all of you who left me comments, liked my work, purchased my books, or have just been plain lovely to talk to. I hope these seasonal holidays will treat you kindly, and that this new year, which is slowly creeping closer to knock on our doors, will bring you laughter, peace and joy.

So, to all: Happy, happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


It’s Christmas Day

Another thing I admittedly also enjoy this time round, is being able to (legitimately) listen to my favourite Christmas and Wintry songs again, and because I’m writing this to share some of my seasonal warmth and cheer, I compiled a hand-picked selection of some, possibly not overly familiar, tracks that I love listening to that I hope will be to your liking 🙂

♪♫ Kiyo’s December Playlist ♪♫

Sung Si Kyung and Kwon Jin Ah — Don’t Forget
Harriet — Maybe This Christmas
EXO — Miracles in December
George Michael — December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas)
Brown Eyed Soul — Home
Kate Bush — December Will be Magic Again
Paul McCartney — Once Upon a Long Ago

A Little bit of Magic

Especially for the holiday season, earlier this month I wrote a short story called “A Feast of Starlight” for the lovely website, Get Inspired by Books, which had me dreaming up a myth about a celestial maiden and a young boys adventure — so, in my attempt to make you enjoy your Christmas days, if you feel like it, check out the blurb below…

“Once there was a maiden born holding starlight deep inside”

It’s Christmas Eve when a young boy wakes to a shower of falling stars, blazing trails of magic through the sky. Curious, he ventures outside on his own, not aware that his actions will coincide with the small town myth of the Celestial Maiden, and a miraculous story of true love.

Read it here!

Smashwords End of the Year Sale

To festively end this year, I’ve enrolled two of my poetry eBooks in a big site-wide SALE over at Smashwords, where you can now purchase both poetry editions of Dreamscape and Musings from a Wildflower with a 25% discount until January 1st!

XMAS_18_SALE_Musings_eBook XMAS_18_SALE_Dreamscape_POETRY_eBook

One thing I always enjoy during the festive season is reading, so maybe you’d like to give (or receive) the gift of reading too?? Follow the links below to get a copy of my books to take with you into 2019!

Musings from a Wildflower; the micro poetry collection, vol.01 // Coupon code: RM68A
Dreamscape; a poetic journey through life’s encounters // Coupon code: LV35D

2019 is Slowly Coming Closer

With the new year almost upon us, I’m most likely not alone in the fact that I’ve already been busy in preparation of new projects to start in the days ahead, and in case you’re curious what to expect of me personally, here’s a little sneak-peak 🙂

Following the release of Musings from a Wildflower in December, the next poetry book to come to publication will be the Haiku series, scheduled for an early summer release. Like the first micro poetry collection, it’ll contain a 100 poems, and will be made available in both print and eBook! At the end of the year, I also strife to release the first Poetic Prose collection, which will contain both stories published and unpublished, all written in the same style you’ve come to know of me in my (regular) uploads (:

Another thing that I’ve been preparing for is an online shop, where you’ll be able to purchase prints, merchandise and other fun goodies, featuring imagery from all my three Visual Poetry series and illustrated works, like Dreamscape and the covers I create for my Poetic Prose works. It’s been on my to-do-list for quite a while now, but with most things smoothly up and running these days, it’s been bumped up to a prime spot and I hope to have it up and running early next year 😀

Last, but not least, aside from poetry and short stories, like many authors I also dream about publishing my own full-length novels, and I’ve been gearing up to start work on the first part of a young adult duology which has the shared series title, Children of the Moon.

It’s set in an dystopian time where nature has gone completely astray when an ancient magic stirs, rendering the world as we know it unrecognisable as light and darkness visibly begin a fight for balance. The stories’ main focus will lie on a small group of rebels, who still cling to the ideals of life and love, and tentatively dare to believe in a hope for the future, even though survival in the World After naturally brings out both the best, and worst in people…

I have pages filled with notes, ideas and short scenes — but because this is the first time I’ve ever given a hint of this online, I’m still a bit hesitant to say too much, but feel assured that I’ll be telling you all more about in abundance in the months to come!

With this, I feel I’ve taken up more than enough of your time, so I’ll take my leave — and I once more bid you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Lots of love,

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News & Updates — Dreamscape, One Year Anniversary

Hello everyone,

Today, November 7th, I have a little something to celebrate — which is (the title kinda gives it away) Dreamscape’s One Year Anniversary!

Even though a whole year has passed me by since releasing Dreamscape to the public, I still remember it all very vividly. The hours and hours I spend coming up with concepts for the (in total 26!) illustrations, and subsequently working on them, which was many months worth of work in-between other projects. Gathering the poems I wanted to include, fine-tuning them, and eventually combining them with the imagery which had been the main inspiration of each piece of art. The excitement to hold the very first printed proof-copy of the book in my hands is incredibly palpable as I think back, and so has been receiving wonderful compliments on both the artwork and poetry, like these;

“Dreamscape is a beautiful book; the poetry inside combined with the imagery have lead me personally to muse and ponder as hours pass by my window. It is a book for life, a gracefully written, delicate book and if you like to be inspired, to ponder and think, it’s perfect.”
— Dean Tarrant

That is why, today for me is a day to celebrate — AND I do this with a new release, and a gift. YES, I have a gift for you. Read on 😉

Dreamscape; an illustrated journey in art and poetry is now also available in Kindle eBook!

For a long time I searched for a way to also be able to share my illustrated book for not only the printed-book buyer but also the eBook collectors among us, and recently found a solution in Kindle. Newly released this week, Dreamscape’s visual edition is intuitive and beautifully clean; you can scale the images for full-views or close-ups, or swipe through it page by page. And the best thing is? It works both on Kindle devices, and the Kindle app for iPad (and other iOS devices)!

To get a preview of how the visual edition of Dreamscape looks, in print and eBook, visit the official page here 🙂

SALE: From the 7th till the 11th of November!

To make these festivities truly complete, this is not all — for my gift to you to celebrate Dreamscape’s visual anniversary in style, is the fact that I’m throwing a sale!
From the Wednesday the 7th, till Sunday the 11th of November, both Kindle eBook editions (visual and poetry only) will be discounted:

Visual ed. (eBook/Kindle), from € 7,95 to € 6,50 — Available through Amazon
Poetry only ed. (eBook/Kindle), from € 3,99 to € 2,99 — Available through Amazon

So, if you’ve ever been interested in owning your own copy of Dreamscape, I am delighted to say this is your chance to get it especially on its book-birthday 🙂

Have any questions, want to drop a line or just share with me in the festivities, do so below~

Love, Kiyo

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