News — Dreamscape, One Year Anniversary

Hello everyone,

Today, November 7th, I have a little something to celebrate — which is (the title kinda gives it away) Dreamscape’s One Year Anniversary!

Even though a whole year has passed me by since releasing Dreamscape to the public, I still remember it all very vividly. The hours and hours I spend coming up with concepts for the (in total 26!) illustrations, and subsequently working on them, which was many months worth of work in-between other projects. Gathering the poems I wanted to include, fine-tuning them, and eventually combining them with the imagery which had been the main inspiration of each piece of art. The excitement to hold the very first printed proof-copy of the book in my hands is incredibly palpable as I think back, and so has been receiving wonderful compliments on both the artwork and poetry, like these;

“Dreamscape is a beautiful book; the poetry inside combined with the imagery have lead me personally to muse and ponder as hours pass by my window. It is a book for life, a gracefully written, delicate book and if you like to be inspired, to ponder and think, it’s perfect.”
— Dean Tarrant

That is why, today for me is a day to celebrate — AND I do this with a new release, and a gift. YES, I have a gift for you. Read on 😉


Dreamscape; an illustrated journey in art and poetry is now also available in Kindle eBook!

For a long time I searched for a way to also be able to share my illustrated book for not only the printed-book buyer but also the eBook collectors among us, and recently found a solution in Kindle. Newly released this week, Dreamscape’s visual edition is intuitive and beautifully clean; you can scale the images for full-views or close-ups, or swipe through it page by page. And the best thing is? It works both on Kindle devices, and the Kindle app for iPad (and other iOS devices)!

To get a preview of how the visual edition of Dreamscape looks, in print and eBook, visit the official page here 🙂

SALE: From the 7th till the 11th of November!

To make these festivities truly complete, this is not all — for my gift to you to celebrate Dreamscape’s visual anniversary in style, is the fact that I’m throwing a sale!
From the Wednesday the 7th, till Sunday the 11th of November, both Kindle eBook editions (visual and poetry only) will be discounted:

Visual ed. (eBook/Kindle), from € 7,95 to € 6,50 — Available through Amazon
Poetry only ed. (eBook/Kindle), from € 3,99 to € 2,99 — Available through Amazon

So, if you’ve ever been interested in owning your own copy of Dreamscape, I am delighted to say this is your chance to get it especially on its book-birthday 🙂

Have any questions, want to drop a line or just share with me in the festivities, do so below~

Love, Kiyo

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