Kiyo’s Corner — December ’18

Hello and welcome to the December edition of Kiyo's Corner 🙂

As I sat down to write this, the new year has just begun and the first days of 2019 are still fresh and for many of us filled with hopes, dreams and the best of intentions.

So, from me to you: I wish you all a Wonderful New Year and I hope it'll be filled with things that give you happiness~

For many the new year is always a symbol for new beginnings, and though I've never been a firm believer of New Year's resolutions (not because I don't believe in the power of a resolution, mind you, but more in needing the new year to start with one) I do always value the feeling of a new year; it's like a blank page of paper on which you can put down your latest thoughts, and close the book on the things you wish to forget. On New Year's eve I watched a show of a stand-up comedian (it's tradition for one to host a show on New Year's Eve in the Netherlands) as he reviewed the past year (with a lot of humour), and he ended his show with a sung remark that rang true to me; everything that upset you, leave it behind; everything that caused you hurt, leave it behind.

Though this past year has been a positive year for me, and I'm very much looking forward to this new set of 365 days ahead of me, it did make me realize one thing I do wish to accomplish this year, and that is to see the positive side of everything even more so than I already try. To not worry my mind to much with "what if's" and "maybe's", and waste time getting sucked into negative spirals that can wear you down to the bone. But to find the silver linings, even if my day did not pan out the way I planned, and to fully enjoy to process of the new books I wish to publish, stories to be written and poems to share (:

So, to start this January with some of these positive vibes, let me get back to the core of this December Corner, for every month I enjoy creating an overview of my personal shared works (Visual Poetry and Poetic Prose) that I upload on my weekly Literary blog, hoping to leave a touch of inspiration behind for anyone who needs it.

Scroll down for more (:

Micro Poetry Series

Inspired by philosophy, nature, day-to-day thoughts and emotions, this minimalistic series aims to encourage,
ponder, or show you the beauty in small things and moments. Curious for more? Visit the page.

Haiku Series

Influenced by the art found in traditional Japanese poetry styles, this series contains haiku based on
the continuous changes that happen all around us, in both nature and life. Curious for more? Visit the page.

About Love Series

With words from both sides of the heart, this series collects the sweet beginnings and sad goodbyes, moments of romance, and days of heartache;
the multitude of feelings that come over us when we fall... in love. Curious for more? Visit the page by clicking here.

A Feast of Starlight (a Poetic Short story)

“Once there was a maiden born holding starlight deep inside”

This month I uploaded a new poetic short story to the Poetic Prose series, called A Feast of Starlight; a story written for the site Get Inspired by Books, taking you onto wish-filled journey ★;

It’s Christmas Eve when a young boy wakes to a shower of falling stars, blazing trails of magic through the sky. Curious, he ventures outside on his own, not aware that his actions will coincide with the small town myth of the Celestial Maiden, and a miraculous story of true love.

Happily I invite you to read it here, and discover more stories at my Poetic Prose page.

With this monthly update and collection I'll leave you behind today, I sincerely hope you'll enjoy it — and, as always, want to drop me a line, leave one in the comments below 🙂

Love, Kiyo


First of all I wish you a very happy and creative 2019.
I love your work and I am looking forward to your new poems and stories this year.

Thank you, Inge, for the lovely, lovely well-wishes; I wish you a wonderful 2019, too, and hope indeed you’ll continue to love my uploads <3

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