It’s Official | Shop Launching in June!

Hello everyone, and thank you for joining me on this exiting day (:

For it is official: on the 10th of June the official launch of my site and shop, Kiyo Art—a place filled with my needle felted “Kawaii in a Box” collectables offered for adoption—is finally happening!

Kawaii styles—the Japanese term for cute—have ever held a fond place in my heart, and starting from this day forward, I want to begin introducing you all to my growing family of cute and whimsical, handmade dolls that fit inside of a 5 x 5 centimetre Kraft paper box, and come in various series, shapes and fit-into-the-palm-of-your-hand sizes.

This, for example, is Akari; one of my flower-loving Geisha Girls, who has a couple of sisters you will also meet soon~

Having been in the works since late last year, follow me on Twitter and Instagram for photo-teasers as I gather my Kawaii dolls into little sets that I enjoy to make, share glimpses behind the scenes and updates, and join me in that countdown till opening day!

Last, but certainly not least, I want to extend my thoughts to everyone out there in the world; for it’s strange times as I write this, with the COVID-19 pandemic prowling about like an invisible monster… I wish you all the best of health; that you and your loved ones may be safe and sound, and that life as we used to know may return to us in due time.

Take care.

Love, Kiyo

Curious about the Kawaii doll in the blue coat in the top-most image? I happily introduce Little Kiyo; a needle felted representation of myself, who will show her face often on social media in the months (and years) to come 🙂


I am totally in love 🥰!
And you also stay safe and healthy,

Thank you so much for your kind words, Inge! <3 And I most certainly will try to do do 🙂


It looks amazing, and I can’t wait for your shop to officially launch! <3


WOW! Thanks so very much, Lynn! I can’t wait to share it all, so it’s great to have your enthusiasm on board! <3

This looks AMAZING! I’m looking forward to see more of these lovely, stylish created characters! Stay healthy and safe Kiyo!

Thank you SO MUCH! That is so incredibly nice to read, and I’m very much looking forward to share more and more (:

Stay healthy and safe yourself, Stone — take care!

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