Thank you for your interest in adopting one of my Kawaii Friends!​

Owning one of my handmade Kawaii Friends is only an email away, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

To place your order, please make a note of the Friends’ name(s) you've chosen, and fill in your details in the contact form below. If you’d already like to to know what the estimated shipping costs to your location will be, you can personally pre-check them here using the DHL Parcel service site.

Upon receiving your order, I always strife to reply within two business days, sending you an order confirmation detailing the total cost (Friend and shipping) and my necessary payment information; I accept both Bank Transfer and Paypal, and the one you prefer, is the one we'll go with.

Once you’re in complete agreement, and I’ve received your payment, I will ready your Friend for shipment as swiftly as possible and email you with the shipping details and a track & trace link that will allow you to follow your new one-of-a-kind Kawaii Friend’s journey right to your home (:

Ready to place your adoption? Please fill in the form below ツ​

Worldwide Shipping

All packages are shipped
internationally with DHL Parcel Service

Payment Options

Through *Paypal or Bank Transfer;
the choice is entirely yours


Check out the FAQ page,
or feel free to send an email

*Please take note that for Paypal transactions, I will have to charge a small additional fee to cover their transaction costs in order to correctly balance my own administration. Thank you for understanding (:

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