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Find Kiyo's current selection of Pre-Made book covers over at, or if you’d like to inquire about the availability for- and pricing of a commissioned cover, don’t hesitate to get in touch; she strives to reply within 2 business days.


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Frequently Asked Questions

• Have you written any books? And if yes, how many?

Yes, I most certainly have. At this moment in time I have published Dreamscape, which is available for purchase in two versions; the visual and poetic editions. On the 31st of October '18 my especially for Halloween written ghost story, Echoes from Another Time has been released in eBook for free, and early December of '18, the very first Micro Poetry collection was published, called Musings from a Wildflower.

• In what formats are your books available?

Usually, all my books are available in both hard- and softcover, and in many cases also comes as an eBook.

• Where can I purchase your books?

Through various locations, like Blurb for print and Amazon and Smashwords for eBooks; you'll find all the direct links on the books page (:

• When creating your Visual poetry, especially the Micro Poetry and Haiku ones, what comes first; the poem, or the image?

Most often, I have written the poetry first; I have notebooks (digital and paper) always near me, and you can often find me scribbling away. Once I feel like I'm running low on  poems to upload, I usually take a day or two to create new poems, and search for the photographs that suit the message and/or mood I want to evoke. Sometimes, though, it can happen that when I am searching for imagery, seeing photographs can trigger a poem in my mind, and one is born the other way round.

• Can I share your work online?

Definitely! As long as you keep my copyrights intact and link them back to my website, I’d love it if you did. But, one note; please do not copy and paste my stories to share, but use the links I’ve made available online like you can find on my site, or on Medium.

• Who creates the (photo) graphics you use for your uploads?

Actually, I do myself (: Having worked as a freelance digital artist for several years, I made the decision to join both my interests under the name Kiyo to create my own publications combing imagery with words early 2017; resulting so far in my Visual Poetry series, Poetic Prose works, and my books Dreamscape and Musings from a Wildflower.

• Where do you get the photographic footage you use in your works?

In many cases I source it from sites that supply CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) licenced photography, and are filled with amazing imagery, like Pexels, Unsplash and Pixabay. Though I certainly love to photograph, and do it as often as I can, most of the views I enjoy using for my works are a bit hard to come by where I live (: In other cases, I sometimes also use stock that can be found on Freepik, often for the promotional images I make for new releases or a sale, and which I always aim to credit whenever I can.

• Are there any prints, and other merchandise, available of your work?

Yes, there are! As of March '19, the official Kiyo shop was opened online over at Zazzle, and is filled with a wide variety of products featuring my work. Ranging from Photo Prints to Mousepads, Phone Cases to Notebooks, and more, there are items available with imagery from all my Visual Poetry series, as well as my Poetic Prose works and illustrations from Dreamscape, with new additions added regularly. So, hopefully, happy shopping! (:

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