Frequently Asked Questions

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What is needle felting?
Needle felting is an artisan craft that uses wool and a special type of barbed needles that create this denser material called “felt”. When repetitively moving a felting needle up and down, the barbs catch the scales of the wool and entangle them into place, eventually turning the fluffy wool into an increasingly harder material that you can sculpt into objects that are either flat or three dimensional; the possibilities are truly endless.
What kind of wool and materials do you use?
Bio-friendly Merino Wool is my felting wool of choice for all my creations; it’s incredibly soft and comes in a range of 60 wonderful colours. Aside from felting wool, some details on my dolls—like eyes and small props—are made from either plastic, metals or wood. The little kawaii boxes the Keychains are tucked into, are made from brown Kraft paper.
What size are your Kawaii Friends?
My Friends come in four different sizes with fixed approximate diameters; Keychains, which are 4 cm, Small Friends, which are 5,5 cm, Medium Friends, which are 7,5 cm and Large Friends, which are 9 cm.

Their height, however, will vary depending on the addition of ears, horns or whatever other attributes a certain Friend has, which is also always listed in each Friend’s “size specifications” section.

With these measurements, every single Friend is handmade from scratch and one-of-a-kind, but per series I do guard a certain size-ratio, making it so that each Friend “feels” and "looks” as equal as possible to its predecessors.
Do your Kawaii Friends ever run out of stock?
No, never (: Because I want to give people the option to collect their favourites, each Friend will always be available to adopt. When ordered, I will let you know what your approximated waiting time will be—depending on the tightness of my schedule‚ but rest assured that I send frequent emails to update you on the status of your chosen Friend, from when I start crafting until the day it ships.
What payment options do you offer?
To keep things simple, I've chosen to work with two options; Bank Transfer or Paypal. The one you prefer, is the one we’ll go with.
Please take note that for Paypal transactions, I will have to charge a small additional fee to cover their transaction costs in order to correctly balance my own administration. Thank you for understanding (:
What if I want to cancel my order?
A change of heart is always possible; if you email me before your ordered Friend enters the crafting phase (a date I'll share with you in our mail correspondence), it can easily be cancelled and your money refunded.
What if I want to return my order?
If for any reason your Friend arrives damaged, is lost in transit or you’re not satisfied with your order, just drop me an email and we’ll work towards an agreeable arrangement for the both of us. I always aim to take responsibility.
How long does it take to create a Kawaii Friend?
The time spent on each Friend varies on its complexity, ranging from several hours to several days. Using felting needles—that come in various gauges for rough shaping till the smallest of details—hundreds upon thousands of stabs go into the creative process as I build a Friend from a fluffy poof of wool into its own little character.
How do I take the best kind of care of my adopted Kawaii Friend(s)?
You are sure to enjoy my collectable Friends for a very long time if you handle them with care.

• Keep your Friends displayed away from direct sunlight to prevent the fading of colours.

• Every Friend can be picked up, gently handled and shown with ease, but it is important not to pull and/or tug at elements like fur, hair, limbs or decorations.

• If your Friend's fur gets a bit mussed or flattened, which handling can do over time, please note that it’s not recommended to brush your Friend with a comb or brush; doing so will cause fibres to detach in patches. Instead, use your fingers by pinching your thumb and index-finger, and gently tease the hairs back into their original, wild style.
Can I give these Kawaii Friends as a children’s present?
My Friends are collectibles and ultimately made for display reasons, yet every child is different, so to answer this for everyone is a hard thing to do. I do my best to make my Friends able to withstand gentle handling, but they will not last if treated like a regular toy. In general I advice that they are not suitable for children under the age of nine, as, next to wear and tear, eyes, limbs and other accessories can become detached in time and turn into a definite safety issue.
What shipping service(s) do you use?
All my packages are shipped worldwide through DHL Parcel service.

Shipping costs start at €4,50 in my home country of The Netherlands, €10 to €12 for most European neighbours like Great Brittain, Germany and France, and upwards to €26 for overseas destinations like the USA.

Needless to say, this includes a track & trace link supplied via email, so each package can be followed upon sending it your way.
Pricing as of November 2020, may be subject to change.
When is my payment due?
To cover both shipping and/or material costs, I require payment due before I start crafting work on your commissioned Kawaii Friend.
Do you have tutorials on how to make your Kawaii Friends?
No, that I do not (: I do, however, show frequent work-in-progress shots on my social media, and for a view behind the scenes I upload time-lapse videos on my YouTube channel that give a peek at my creative process.

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