Haru is a Kawaii Friend created in my (thus far) largest size in the family, and her design is inspired by the thoughts of blossoming flowers of springtime.

• note; haru is the Japanese word for spring (:

The round base of her body has been crafted out of vibrant coral woolfelt, while her flower decorations and feet have been felted out of a carmine shade. Each of the five flower petals has been separately crafted and shaped, and are accompanied by two leaves made from spring green merino wool.

Haru's wings have been made using the same fresh green shade, and have been decorated with returning carmine circles, topped with smaller woolly whites, which also crowns the flower on the top of her head.

Her plastic eyes are bright red, and sink, due to specially made hollows, deep into her fur.

// size specifications //

• Haru is approx. 9 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height (incl. flower)

• her feet are 6,5 cm in length

• she has a wingspan of about 9 cm, the largest decorative circle upon it measuring 18 mm and the smallest only 7

• the large flower is approx. 4,5 cm in diameter, with each petal about 2 cm wide, and the leaves are respectively 3 and 2,5 cm long

• her eyes have a diameter of 12 mm

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