Lila is a classic sized Kawaii Friend inspired quite simply by a bunny, or a rabbit, whichever word you prefer~

Her body is crafted out of lilac woolfelt, while her feet, triangle nose and floppy tail have been felted out of a woolly white shade.

Her long, curious ears are also made out of the same lilac material, and she has pretty golden eyes—as always, made from plastic, and firmly attached with glue—that sink deep into her furry body due to the especially crafted hollows, allowing her to curiously peer out at you.

// size specifications //

• Lila is approx. 7,5 cm in diameter and 9,5 cm in height (incl. ears)

• her feet are about 5 cm in length

• the floppy tail is a round 1,5 cm

• her ears are about 3,5 cm in length

• her eyes have a 10 mm diameter


Lila has been adopted!

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