Nana is a classic sized Kawaii Friend inspired by the chubby kind of butterflies we would draw when we were children (well, I did 🙂 )

Her body is crafted out of rose pink woolfelt, while her feet, wings and antennae have been felted out of a baby pink shade.

Small details, like her antennae tips and wing decorations, have been added with corn yellows and woolly whites. The antennae themselves are made out of twin little bits of fine metal wire, wrapped in thin layers of felt, after which they've been securely glued into place.

Her eyes of striking gold are also firmly attached with glue, pressed into two especially created hollows to allow them to sink deeper into the fluffy expanse of her fur, and are made of plastic.

// size specifications //

• Nana is approx. 7,5 cm in diameter and 9 cm in height (incl. antennae)

• her feet are about 5 cm in length

• her wingspan is 5,5 cm and the decorative circles are 12 and 6 mm in diameter respectively

• her antennae have an estimated length of 5 cm, the yellow tips being about 1/5 of that

• her eyes have a 10 mm diameter


Nana has been adopted!

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