Nook is a Kawaii Friend created in my (thus far) largest size in the family, and his design is inspired by the thoughts of a cute, yet wise (possibly book-hungry) owl.

His body is crafted out of turquoise woolfelt, while his feet and wings have been felted out of a dark turquoise shade.

The wings have been decorated with jewel-shaped droplets in blue lagoon, and his bushy eyebrows have been made using the same colour.

His eyes of piercing yellow—and, as ever, made of plastic—have been rimmed with deep turquoise, resting deep in their hollows, and his beak has been made with a corn yellow shade.

// size specifications //

• Nook is approx. 9 cm in diameter and 9 cm in height

• his feet are 6,5 cm in length

• his wings have each a span of about 5 cm, the decorative droplets upon it measuring 2 cm in length

• the beak is about 18 mm long

• the eyebrows span 4 cm over each eye

• the eyes have a diameter of 12 mm

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