Nova is a classic sized Kawaii Friend inspired by a cute type of celestial dragon that soars amidst the infinite universe and a galaxy of stars.

His body is crafted out of a fusion of two separate colours of woolfelt, royal blue and navy, the latter shade also returning for his two-toed feet and tiny round ears.

His bat-like wings and decorative star pop out due to their purposely chosen bright sunshine yellow colour, and his wings have been embellished with a centred row of royal blue droplets in various sizes.

His plastic eyes of warm yellow sink deep into his fluffy coat, pressed and glued into twin hollows especially created for this effect.

// size specifications //

• Nova is approx. 7,5 cm in diameter and 7,5 cm in height

• his feet are about 5 cm in length

• the two tiny ears stand at only 1 cm in height

• his wings have a total span of approx. 9 cm, the decorative droplets ranging from 6 to 2,5 mm in size

• each of the five star points surrounding his eye is 1 cm in length

• his eyes have a 10 mm diameter

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