Sadi is a Kawaii Friend created in my (thus far) largest size in the family, and her design is inspired by that of a cuddly cat.

Her body is crafted out of aubergine woolfelt, while her feet, decorative stripes and the tip of her tail have been felted out of a corn yellow shade.

Her triangle nose is a baby pink, and her slightly pointed ears have been made using the same aubergine colour as her body.

Her eyes of honeyed gold are firmly attached with glue, pressed into two especially created hollows to allow them to sink deeper into the fluffy expanse of her fur, and are made of plastic.

// size specifications //

• Sadi is approx. 9 cm in diameter and 9 cm in height

• her feet are 6,5 cm in length

• her curved tail is about 4 cm

• her ears are about 1,5 cm in width

• her eyes measure 12 mm in diameter

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