Skye is a classic sized Kawaii Friend inspired by a type of cutesy, wingless dragon who has a fondness of flowers.

Her body is crafted out of sky blue woolfelt, while her feet and flower decoration have been felted out of a royal blue shade.

The curly horns and row of descending knobbly ones on her back have been added with woolly whites.

Her eyes of bright blue are attached with glue, pressed into two especially created hollows to allow them to sink deeper into the fluffy expanse, and are made of plastic.

// size specifications //

• Skye is approx. 7,5 cm in diameter and 7,5 cm in height (incl. horns)

• her feet are about 5 cm in length

• the curly horns on her head have an estimated length of 2 cm and the ones on her back are no larger than 4 mm each

• the decorative flower around her eye has five petals of about 8 mm in length and width

• her eyes have a 10 mm diameter


Skye has been adopted!

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