Suki is a classic sized Kawaii Friend inspired by a combination of both a butterfly and a ladybug, which why I also call her my sweet lil' "love-bug" 🙂

Her body is crafted out of a fusion between baby pink and bordeaux woolfelt, while her feet have been felted using a rose pink shade.

Suki's antennae have been crafted out of thin aluminium wire, its base wrapped in bordeaux and its tips decorated with baby pink.

Her wings have a heart-shape, are felted out of baby pink, and the right wing is decorated with a small bordeaux heart.

Peering out, her eyes are a striking red, as ever from plastic, and glued into the two especially made hollows.

// size specifications //

• Suki is approx. 7,5 cm in diameter and 9 cm in height (incl. antennae)

• her feet are about 5 cm in length

• her antennae are approx. 4 cm long, the tips spanning about 12 mm of that

• her wings have a span of 4 cm and the heart decoration is about 1 cm in overall size

• her eyes have a 10 mm diameter

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