Micro Fiction & Short Stories

Inspired by the many facets of life, this series holds micro fiction (with a length of 250 words or less) or poetic short stories encompassing a few chapters. They aim to be emotive, thought-provoking, and are often touched by a hint of fantasy.

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Everlasting Shores

"A song that would carry me home"

A story about disappearing into the mythical realm of faeries and elves, exploring a magic of old.

micro fiction; read it here.

Magic of Venice

"Lost under his spell, enticed by his game"

A story about a sensual romance blossoming on the festival-wrapped streets of Venice.

micro fiction; read it here.

A Feast of Starlight

“Once there was a maiden born holding starlight deep inside”

A four chapter story, about a young boy who wakes on Christmas Eve to a shower of falling stars, blazing trails of magic through the sky. Curious, he ventures outside on his own, not aware that his actions will coincide with the small town myth of the Celestial Maiden, and a miraculous story of true love.

short story; read it here.

Fragments of a Fairytale

“Her prince so charming, so daring — a love ever hers"
A story that is caught somewhere between the realms of fiction and reality, in which a young woman finds herself lost in fragmented fairytales, stitched together like the patchwork pieces of a quilt — and, through many obstacles and dangers, in pursuit of a magical romance.

short story; read it here.

Moon Child

"So beautiful in your loneliness..."

A story pondering the light of the moon and all the inspiration she's given us over the ages past.

micro fiction; read it here.

Eight Days of Love

"Strangers meeting heart to heart"

A story inspired by love and how deeply it can connect two hearts that simply belong...

micro fiction; read it here.

Midnight Romeo

"A hero of old, he reaches out his heart"

A story situated on the cusp of dreams, of a romance that seems to have no boundaries in place or time.

micro fiction; read it here.

Riddles in the Dark

"All you desire demands a price to pay"

A story about an old kind of magic, beckoning you to an enchanted place filled with both darkness and light, where you may trade for all you desire...

micro fiction; read it here.

Ghost of the Lighthouse

"She is ever there; waiting, waiting for you"

A story inviting you to walk the winding steps up to the home of a haunting ghost...

micro fiction; read it here.

Equinox and Solstice

"Just the two of them; a secret place"

A story, or more a fairytale legend, about the sun and moon, and how four times a year, they are allowed to celebrate their love...

micro fiction; read it here.

Bird of Imagination

"Lost to another time, world and place"

A story aiming to describe how it feels when inspiration takes hold, making your mind take flight.

micro fiction; read it here.


"Wave after wave, life crashed over me"

A story influenced by the trials and tribulations of life, and how the reaching hand of a loved one can give you the strength to once more stand up and start again.

micro fiction; read it here.

Echoes from Another Time

"It al began with the footsteps"

A seven chapter ghost story, written especially for Halloween, about a young woman who wakes to supernatural occurrences and a haunting, darkling spirit — leading her to discover that nothing she believed is what it seems...

short story; available as free eBook here.

Chasing Rainbows

"Our entwined thoughts sprouted wings"

A story escaping into a fantastical world of dreams and beauty, painted in colours of the rainbow.

micro fiction; read it here.

Legend of the Wishmaker

"Believe in yourself and the magic will follow"

A three chapter story, inviting you to the Lantern Festival, where people entrust their wishes to the wide open skies, and discover if the legend is true – the legend of the Wishmaker.

short story; read it here.

Colour Me Beautiful

"That place where our souls meet"

A story that truly speaks in the colours of love, taking you into a dreamy imagination through day and night.

micro fiction; read it here.

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